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We are really good at: getting you all the specialised as well as standard tools, really fast.

Minimal handling, re-used and recycled environmentally conscious packaging, professional tools.

The ultimate 3/8 Drive Socket Set

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T&E Tools

T&E Tools

A hallmark of Australian ingenuity and great entrepreneurship, this 100% Australian, family owned company has the broadest and most applicable range of tools for the professional user.

Primarily sourced from Taiwan, with a small range made in USA and mainland China. 

We'll do a history of the company sometime soon, keep an eye out on the blog or sign up for notifications here.

Warning: We will get these to you super fast with courier door to door. Hint: PO Boxes suck for fast deliveries though.

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Soichiro Yamashita started in the automotive trade when he got hired by Henry Ford, becoming the first foreigner to work at Ford Motor Co.

Fast forward a few years - became the head of General Motors Japan before starting the Ko-Ken Tool Company in 1945.

The Japanese steel and attention to detail are just some of the reasons why these tools carry the reputation they do.

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Started in 1862 by Eduard Wille, Stahlwille is one of the oldest brands in existence. Still primarily German made (spanners, pliers and sockets), it has subsidiaries in USA and China. 

Stahlwille translates to steel will, something that all that use Stahlwille tools can attest to.

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