Hydraulic Steering System Press Tool Set - T&E

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Brand: T&E Tools
Part#: SP1101
Manufacturer Link: http://tetools.com/catalogue/detail.php?item=SP1101

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    The 18 Ton hydraulic cylinder provides the power to easily press the bushes into place. Using the hydraulic pump press short bushing adaptors are pushed into the long adaptors to disassemble the bush.

    Exchange the position of the long and short adaptors for reassembly. The range of adaptors included gives universal usage for most vehicles.

    • Capacity: 18.2 Tons.
    • Removing Bush: Full instructions included.
    • Size of Set: 900mm x 540mm x 170mm.
    • Weight: 67.8lb (35.0kg).

    #SP1101 Set Contains:

    Item No. Quantity Description Specification
    SP1101-1 1 Hydraulic Ram 18.2 Ton
    SP1101-2 4 Pulling Spindles 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm
    SP1101-3 1 Adjustable Nut O.D. I.D. O.D. I.D.
    SP1101-4 22 100mm Long Bushes 26 x 18mm thru 68 x 60mm at 2mm intervals
    SP1101-5 22 40mm Short Bushes 26 x 18mm thru 68 x 60mm at 2mm intervals
    SP1101-6 1 3/8" Adaptor 48.5mm