5.1 Unless otherwise agreed the delivery period shall run from the latest of the following dates.

(a) Acceptance of the order by the Company.

(b) The date upon which the Manufacturer receives notice of a Valid Import Licence.

(c) The date of receipt by the Company of any advance payment or Letters of Credit as may be stipulated in the contract.

(d) The date of receipt by the Manufacturer of a final order from the Company for the Manufacturer to commence manufacture of the subject goods.

(e) Standard pack quantities may apply.

(f ) All deliveries must be signed for upon receipt

(g) All damaged goods must be identified upon receipt of the delivery, and the damage noted on the connote. Any damages must be reported to our Customer service team within 48 hours, and no claims will be accepted outside of our normal notification terms.

The Company will not cover any damage or loss incurred after a delivery has been made to an on-forwarder, or a purchasers designated carrier. It is the purchasers responsibility to ensure that damages etc are reported by their carriers.


6.1 No liability shall be attached to the Company for deliveries delayed, suspended, cancelled, part or short delivered due to an Act of God, war, riot, fire explosion, accident, flood, shortage, inability to obtain fuel, power, raw materials, labour, containers, or transportation facilities, government law, regulations, orders or action, breakage or failure of machinery or apparatus, national defence requirements or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the Company or in the event of labour trouble, strike, lockout or injunction (whether or not such labour event prevents the manufacture, shipment acceptance of a shipment of the goods or of material upon which the manufacturer of the goods is dependent.

Deliveries suspended under this Clause may at the option of the Company be cancelled without any liability attaching to the Company or completed within an extended period and in either case, the Company shall notify the Purchaser in writing accordingly


7.1 Deliveries (with the exception of iSolar Array Kits and Zenit Industrial Submersible Pumps - refer 7.1 (i) ),


FIS for all orders $300.00 and over. Orders less than $300, a $30.00 processing fee applies.

Western Australia

Country Orders: West Australian country orders will be supplied FIS to Perth, then shipped FOB to the destination.


For third party deliveries, where a customer asks for the goods to be delivered to another location (e.g. to an end user), we will charge freight as per our freight matrix.

(i) All iSolar Array Kits will be charged a standard 5% Freight Flat Fee for deliveries into store. We do not offer Third Party Deliveries on Solar Array product direct to site/farm services.

(ii) Zenit Industrial Submersible Pumps will incur freight charges as per cube and weight to all destinations.

(iii) Select bulky goods or extremely heavy goods may incur freight charges as per cube and weight to all destinations. This will be advertised at time of order placement.

7.2 All deliveries to other destinations will be charged to the Purchaser

(i) the Purchaser may nominate its own freight provider (subject to clause 7.3)

(ii) the Purchaser may nominate the Company to deliver the goods at a cost, which is in accordance with a schedule of rates provided.

7.3 Priority delivery service is available. All costs will be charged to the Purchaser.

7.4 Cost associated with offloading, unpacking, positioning, and erections are not included in the Company’s selling price and are the responsibility of the Purchaser who shall provide competent labour to effect these arrangements at their own expense. Delivery of goods in all other cases shall be at the cost of the Purchaser.